Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

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This Mother’s Day gift guide is current as of 2022. These amazing gift ideas are in stock, and many are ready to ship overnight.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Our moms do and sacrifice so much for us throughout our lives. What other job have you on the clock 24/7, 365 days a year?

There’s plenty of time to show mom how much you love her throughout the year, but honoring mom with a gift on Mother’s Day can be an extra special gesture. Of course, it’s always the thought that counts.

Here’s the trouble: While some moms tell us exactly what they want, others like to keep us guessing. So, if you’re still looking for ideas for the perfect gift to honor mom this year, we think you’ll find something she’ll love in this roundup.

Whether you want to pamper mom, help her enjoy the outdoors more, or give her something you know she’d love to use in the kitchen, there’s a little something here for every type of mom and a variety of budgets. Don’t forget about the grand-moms and stepmoms in your life too!

Keep an eye out because these gifts are available through Amazon Prime and can ship overnight. Prices are accurate at the time of publishing but can fluctuate. And be on the lookout for Mother’s Day sales and coupon codes on the product pages.

Product Description: You can’t go wrong with this Best Mom Ever Candle. Made in the USA, this soy wax candle is not only adorable but also cleaner and more environmentally friendly than petroleum-derived paraffin candles. Mom will love the Spa Day scent with notes of sea salt, jasmine, cream, and wood, and with a 40-hour burn time, she’ll be able to enjoy it for quite a while.

Happy Review: “I sent this to my mother-in-law, and she loved it so much. She said it smelled amazing!”

Price: $20.00 (Amazon)

Mother’s Day Gift


Product Description: Mom deserves some “me time.” With this over-the-tub bath caddy, she can relax in the bath with a way to store all things she needs. With a water-resistant cover, this caddy has a removable book/tablet holder, a smartphone holder, a spill-proof wine glass spot, and a multipurpose, detachable tray for soaps or a candle mom will have everything she needs to feel pampered.

Happy Review: “I LOVE this caddy tray. It’s durable and waterproof. I use it 2-3x a week when I’m soaking in my jetted tub and need to relax my body. I’ve used it to prop up my iPad and hold a glass of wine, water, soap, and bath bomb. Such an amazing addition to my relaxation routine.”

Price: $34.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: If mom loves her coffee or tea, this smart mug makes a great desktop gift to keep her coffee hot while working through the week. It has two temperature settings and can also double as a candle warmer.

Happy Review: “Purchased for my desk at work. I would get busy with a project and remember 15 minutes later, I had a cup of tea sitting there. It would still be hot; I loved it.”

Price: $34.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: These lightweight binoculars are perfect for when mom goes sightseeing, goes to the beach, hiking, has sporting events, or wants to bird watch in the backyard. And with the phone adapter, tripod adapter, and tripod, she can take pictures of what her little eye spies.

Happy Review: “I love these binoculars. It comes with a high-quality lens, and the weight is light. The phone adapter is easy to use and fits my iPhone 11 perfectly. It can be used both day and night time. I used it to observe the moon at night and birds during the day. I can observe things with my family using the phone, and they like it.”

Price: $58.53 (Amazon)


Product Description: Get mom’s sleep routine back on track and help her unwind with the Hatch Restore! It combines a soundscape machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock into one smart sleep assistant. She can also use it as a bedside reading lamp!

It has various color options and settings, including a sunset menu for total relaxation. Could you read our full Hatch Restore review here?

Happy Review: “Love my Restore. I live in a northern Midwest state with long cold winters and dark mornings. Waking up to natural light is a game-changer for me. I wake up so much happier than from an alarm clock. Also, I love my go-to sleep routine and soft sounds at night. I’m sleeping so much better.”

Price: 129.99 (Hatch. co)

Deal:  Get $15 OFF with code MOMS15)


Product Description: The Home Chef is more than your average microwave. It’s also an air-fryer, convection oven, and broiler that would make the ultimate space-saving gift for the gourmet mom. What’s cool is that it crisps and browns, and there’s no pre-heat required. This one is a bit of a splurge, but it would be a great group gift to split with siblings.

Happy Review: “I LOVE THIS OVEN!!! I wish I’d known about it before I bought my double-oven 6-burner gas stove because I’d have gotten this oven and a regular gas stove! It’s so versatile! I’ve used it as a microwave, an air fryer, to bake muffins, and to broil cheese on top of French onion soup! Absolutely would buy again!”

Price: $529.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: Voted the ‘Best Organic Mattress for Back Relief Pain’ by Tom’s Guide and both the ‘Best Mattress for Allergies’ + ‘Best Organic Mattress’ by the Sleep Foundation, the Nolah Mattress would make the perfect gift for mom.

The Nolah Natural 11″ mattress is highly supportive, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. And since it’s medium-firm, it’s perfect for most sleeping positions.

It is renowned for its ability to counter to relieve pressure and pain on the body while allowing maximum airflow for cool and sleeping comfortably year-round. Plus, it’s made of all-natural Talalay latex. It’s also wrapped in a luxurious organic cotton cover, layers of organic wool, and recycled steel coils and will give mom the sleep of her life for years to come.

Nolah is USA-made, and mom can try it for 120 nights, completely risk-free. Please read our full Nolah Natural 11″ Mattress review here.

Happy Review: “Best sleep ever! I cannot ember the last t, the t, time I slept so well and woke up without aches or pain. This was so easy to purchase and the staff was so incredibly helpful during the entire process. If you have shoulder or back problems, this is the mattress for you!”

Price: $1199+ (


Product Description: Whether mom wants to get active or loves to work out, why not sign her up for a subscription to Future? It’s a fitness app in the Apple store that will pair mom with her own certified elite personal trainer. Not only will her trainer message her daily to help keep her accountable so she can reach her health and wellness goals, but she can use it to get fit at home, take it to the gym, or while away on vacation.

Happy Review: “…I struggle with consistency in my workouts—I travel a lot, and that means when I get back, I’ve broken my schedule because I don’t have access to my gym or classes. When you train, if you want results, the most important part is consistency, and Jasmine ensures I have all the tools to complete a workout anywhere. I was moving and had no equipment. No problem, she set me up with a workout using my body weight. Now I have some home equipment; I work out with my weights. If I decide to go to the gym, she’ll tailor a workout to that situation. All the workouts are tailored to my goals and are considerate of my injuries. Plus, Future keeps track of all my workouts and gamifies your progress in the beautifully designed app. And I see the progress in my body every day! Plus, I can talk to Jasmine daily about what’s working and what isn’t, and she, the expert, figures out solutions for me! I love it! This app is for you if you need the accountability and consistency a trainer provides.”

Price: $149

Deal: GET 1 Month of Future for $19 (cancel anytime)


Product Description: Moms usually spend a lot of time on their feet. This footbath which quickly warms the water will pamper mom’s aching feet the way she deserves with a deep-kneading shiatsu massage combined with the benefits of hydrotherapy to help relieve the stress and tension.

Happy Review: AussiseGirlIngrid – “This works great. The heat feature is the perfect temp. If you start with warmer water, it will be ready to go. I liked the bubble effect to keep the bath salts I added mixed. There is a safety timer on it if you fall asleep from the wonderful effects. Heat works with the bubbles and Shiatsu simultaneously, not individually, and the foot massager is marvelous! Best pedicure I have had since I left Ft. Lauderdale 4 years ago. The unit is heavier than another unit I have by Dr. Scholl’s, but this motor is doing more and better. The heater was most important, and I was not disappointed. Great purchase for me.”

Price: 129.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: If your mom loves wine, treat her to a wine subscription from Wine Access! Wine Access is an online wine club that uses the knowledge of a team of wine industry experts to find amazing hard-to-find wines from hidden cellars worldwide. They taste over 18,000 wines annually, but only 1 in 18 cuts. This means the wine is always going to be great, and it’s offered at an amazing value. Could you read our full Wine Access Review here?

Choose from one of their amazing curated wine club subscription boxes, or order up a few bottles from their online shop from collections including “Wine Team Favorites,” “Napa’s Best For Less,” and “MICHELIN Star Favorites.” Gift cards are also available.

Price: Wines $13 and Up + Wine Club Subscription Boxes from $120


Product Description: This beautiful and chic leather jewelry cabinet is perfect for organizing and storing mom’s bling, while the mirror can help her ensure every hair is in its place. There’s even a light inside so that she can see everything.

Happy Review: MAGS – “I bought this for my granddaughter, and she loves it! There are many places for rings, and post earrings, an area for hanging earrings, three areas for necklaces, Sm, Med, and Lg necklaces, and three for bracelets. There are also slots for other jewelry or makeup. It can also be locked and has a bottom shelf which seems to help with stability.”

Price: 139.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: Spruce up mom’s yard game with this firepit bowl by Yaheetech. Not only is it beautifully designed, but the hexagonal shape provides maximum ‌warmth. It’s also lightweight and would work great on a deck or camping.

Happy Review: Lois B. – “Very nice looking piece, looks great in our backyard. We love sitting around the fire with friends; this fireplace fits the bill! I would recommend this to a friend.”

Price: $89.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: These premium plush microfiber robes with a soft French terry cloth interior are the best! They’re perfect for when mom steps out of the shower or hot tub, but also great poolside or relaxing by the fire. Amazing resort and spa-quality that mom can snuggle into right at home. They come in various colors and feature a shawl collar, roomy front pockets, and a double belt loop.

Happy Review: Natalie T. “I first found this robe at a hotel in Boston and took a photo of the label so I could google it. To my surprise, I found it on Amazon. I’m obsessed with this robe; it’s super soft and plush. I feel like I’m at a fancy spa at home. I’m 5’4 /135 lbs, and I ordered the SMALL, and it’s perfect. A+++”

Price: $97.95 (Amazon)


Product Description: If mom loves to read, gifting her an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription is the way to go. Kindle Unlimited will give her access to over 1 million books and thousands of audiobooks. You can use it anytime with Kindle e-readers, Amazon Fire Tablet, or other devices and divide as long as you download the Kindle app for your smart device.

You and your mom will get Kindle Unlimited access if you purchase a new Kindle Reader + a Kindle Unlimited Subscription. Cancel anytime.

Price: $47.68 (6 Month Gift Subscription) or $9.99 per month


Product Description: This tea set is darling! And if mom loves tea, she’ll love this luxuriously packaged tea gift from Tea Fort. Designed with rare floral Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) prints from The New York Botanical Garden’s library, this collection features five ten infusers with five floral tea blends, including Chamomile Citron, Chocolate Rose, and Strawberry Hibiscus. A portion of sales supports NYBG’s work in plant research and conservation.

Happy Review: Erin Mayo – “I gave this to my grandmother. I was so impressed with it when she opened I wanted to buy one for myself! The presentation is wonderful and looks like it costs a lot of money. The box is beautiful and can store things like tea bags once you take the mug out. Everything is tightly suspended in packaging within the box, so nothing had shifted around.”

Price: $44.00 (Amazon)


Product Description: This necklace is a beautiful custom piece to gift to moms, grandmamas, or stepmoms e. The chain is 18 inches, and you can choose from gold, rose gold, or silver. Choose the initials and birthstones of children, siblings, or grandchildren you want her to celebrate.

Customer Review: Justine – “Better than I even imagined, and the Stepmom is thrilled with it. Gorgeous; ordering one for myself and a single birthstone necklace for each of my girls. Thank you so much!!”

Price: $45.00+ (minimalist @ Etsy)


Product Description: This one says everything with something stylish and dainty with a little bling. Choose from a variety of fonts, metal finishes, and chain lengths. This ships the next day!

Happy Review: Tori Sutton – “Absolutely stunning! Both necklaces were from the shop, and OBSESSED with everything, including the packaging!!! Forever only buying my jewelry from here.”

Price: $26.88 (CaitlynMinimalist @ Etsy)


Product Description: This is such a lovely gift. Grab a copy of a mom’s favorite special family recipe, family letter, or other written sentiment and have it engraved onto a cutting she can use or hang in her home.

Happy Review: Michele Davidson – “Absolutely amazing!!!! The cutting board was perfect. Customer service was ten stars. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Price: $49+ (MorningJoyCo @ Etsy)


Product Description: This award-winning cookware is a clean, toxin-free way to cook if you love the perfornonsticknon-stick but without the toxins. These pans have a beautiful modern look, and all GreenPan pots and pans have a nonstick coating free of harmful chemicals, including PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. Plus, they’re scratch resistant and easily wipe clean.

Happy Review: LUVNCOOKN -“I am done with nonstick pans. This ceramic interior is the best of both worlds…..easy to clean and browns beautifully. The blue is coastal and looks great in my kitchen. I love the sizes of these three pans because I use them most often. So far, super easy to clean and care for!”

Price: $149.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: Let mom skip the line at Starbucks and get her this espresso machine instead. This machine has five different sizes for perfect espresso every time, including a large alto size, a double Espresso, and Gran Lungo. The Aeroccino milk frother can help mom turn that espresso into a delicious cappuccino or latte, and it also comes with a welcome set of espresso Vertuo capsules.

Happy Review: Danielle F – “We just got it delivered this evening and were so excited to try it out that we made a decaf latte with one of the included pods. We researched and returned a different machine before landing on this one, but this is a keeper. All of this is coming from a former barista! Pro-tip: pick up a bottle of Torani or other syrup, and add 1 or 2 oz to your drink!”

Price: $156.75 (Amazon – Ink Black color)


Product Description: If your mom loves yoga, these Gaiam non-slip mats are great and come in various prints. Besides yoga, they’re also great for pilates and floor exercises.

Happy Review: Valiant -“I’m the type of person who reads a lot of reviews and agonizes over every purchase. Plus, some reviews said they had problems with slippage on this mat, so I was very hesitant. I needed a mat, so I took a chance… It does not slip and has a nice grip on it. I have absolutely no complaints and am quite happy with it. Plus, it’s a bit thicker than regular mats, which greatly helps my aging body on wood floors. It lies flat on the floor, and the color is pretty, much like my monitor depicted. Go ahead and buy it! :)”

Price: $34.95 (Amazon)


Product Description: A fitness tracker that looks like jewelry? Yes, please! This smartwatch will sync with mom’s smartphone to track calories burned, steps, heart rate, sleep, distance, and more. A great way for mom to improve her wellness, it also comes with a 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium for more personalized insights, guided programs, and sleep and relaxation tools.

Happy Review: Jen -“I had a Fitbit Alta, and the Luxe is an awesome upgrade from it! It’s sleek-looking, waterproof, and accurate with information. I’ve only had it for a few days, but so far, so good! Three days in, the battery only went down to 68%. Very happy with this purchase!”

Price: $99.99 (Amazon)


Product Description: Fresh pasta is the food of the gods. If your mom’s a foodie, she’ll love learning to make pasta with this pasta-making machine made in Italy. A great way to spend time together, this MARCATO Atlas 150 was called the “Ferrari of the pasta machine world” by Cook’s Illustrated.

Happy Review: MFowers – “I got this for my wife as Christmas. She lived in Italy for a year and a half and loved pasta! We watch many cooking shows and always comment on how fun it would be to make our pasta. After reading many reviews, I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the Atlas. I was right; this thing is great! Sure, it takes three times as long to make pasta, but the results are out of this world. A HUGE difference in the quality of pasta. It is much lighter than the pasta you get out of the box, and the flavor is amazing. Unless we are pressed for time, I don’t see us using pasta you get from a box.”

Price: 79.99+ (Amazon)


Product Description: A hammock is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors for gravity-free relaxation. Perfect for the garden, deck, or patio. And it’s what mom would love but may not think about buying for herself.

Happy Review: Oliver – “This is a great hammock for my back deck. I highly recommend it. It was super easy to put together and comes with a nice bag for sto, rage, and oh my God it is so comfortable. I’m almost tempted to replace my bed with it. This hammock can’t be beaten. I recommend it, and it even comes with a nice little pillow.”

Price: $99.00 (Amazon)


Product Description: These incredibly soft and absorbent bath sheets are larger and more luxurious than your average towel. Made of 100% organic cotton yarn with a lovely thick high pile, these towels will make mom feel like she’s at a luxury resort year-round.

Happy Review: Dean B. – “Best Towel on the Planet! After years of searching for the perfect towel, we finally found it!”

Price: $158.00 (Boll & Branch)


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